Architecture of the eduTAP Core#

The eduTAP Core is a collection of components to create, issue, and manage passes.

It provides generic components to be used and installed at the HEIs, but does not contain parts specific to the software and databases used at the institutions. Latter are part of the eduTAP MaSAs.

It contains the following main components:

  • Libraries to communicate with the vendor-specific wallet APIs, like with Google, Apple, or HCE systems like NXP, Legic, and HID. In the future, other wallet providers are planned to be supported.

  • An abstract vendor-neutral library to support all libraries above on a simplified level by providing a unified API.

  • A scalable event-based system to distribute data emitted by wallet actions.

  • a callback handler to proxy events emitted by the Google wallet provider to the eduTAP system. The events are emitted if a pass is saved or deleted in the holder’s Google wallet.

  • an Restful API service to store and retrieve Apple passes and templates. It emits events similar to the Google callback handler.

  • Front ends to manage and issue passes:

    • A “Pass Backoffice” to create/ update pass classes (including a generic “Pass Designer”) and manage the lifecycle of pass objects,

    • A white label “Tapper Portal” (web and kiosk modes) to apply for passes and manage their passes. It can be configured to define which pass classes are to be managed.

Component diagram showing architectural overview.

Core Overview.#